Nathan's wish

I’d like to share a story of Nathan Carlson. Nathan was a 7-year-old first grader at Reeds Ferry Elementary School.  He enjoyed Karate and was well loved by everyone who knew him.  Typical kid.  Nathan however was also diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. Nathan desperately needed a bone marrow transplant to save his life. Unfortunately no one in his family matched and of the hundreds of people who showed up last year at the bone marrow drive held in his honor there again were no matches.

Nathan passed away on July 2nd 2006.

I never had a chance to meet Nathan but I will always remember him as a hero. His wish was to have as many people possible become educated about the national bone marrow registry and to join up so they could help others. Inspiring others to do what they can to help others is the very definition of a hero in my book.

Last year in the effort to save this little boys life many of us who have never been a part of this before signed up and volunteered to be part of the national registry. He is a hero because he inspired me and countless others to sign up on his behalf and while we couldn’t save his life we may be able to save someone else. I am now asking all of you reading this to consider signing up as well.

Signing up is the easy part. You go down to the location they are having the drive, fill out some forms, watch a short video, then they’ll take a small amount of blood and you’re done. It’s over before you even know it. At that point you’re done until you’re blood tests positive as a match (so far mine hasn’t). At this point they call you back for another sample of blood where they run further compatibility tests. One of my friends was called for this second sample but he wasn’t a complete match so again it ended there. For those who are lucky enough to match someone and who are called in for their marrow, they will poke a small hole into your hip/ behind and withdraw the marrow needed for the patient. A couple day’s soreness and you’ll be better then new knowing that you just saved someone’s life, how great is that?

“Nathan’s Wish” will be having a drive on Saturday June 23rd from 11 to 4 pm at St. James Methodist Church 646 DW Highway, Merrimack. Questions call Lindsey 424-1965. If you are unable to attend but would still like to volunteer to be a possible donor go to

Please help get the word out any way you can!