9-11 conspirators come to a NH college near you!

I love conspiracy theories and unexplained mysteries. I’ve read tons of books and watched countless specials on Roswell and other UFO theories. I’ve been to countless haunted sites (my house is even supposedly haunted) hoping to catch a glimpse of the unexplained. I even read up on crime theories like the JFK assassination. And I’m willing to buy into the fact that we aren’t alone in the universe, that there is something after death and there was a gunman in the grassy knoll, heck I’m even willing to consider that the government has a special agency known by conspirators as the men in black… but what I just can’t get are all the 9-11 theorists out there who buy into the conspiracy theories that are just so far out of the unbelievable.

A new group, Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth founded by NH’s Franklin Pierce College student Justin A. Martell, is just the latest of many such groups questioning the “official story”. If they said they don’t believe the government has all it’s facts correct in what they claim happened, I’d say ok knowing what we know about the government, believing that they got ANYTHING right would be an unbelievable story in and of itself. If they said they believe the government isn’t telling us all they know, I’d be ok with that too since there are countless cases of government officials not telling us all the facts (I’m still waiting for the story about how the Rose Law firm billing documents ended up in Hillary’s private study with her fingerprints all over them). I’d even be willing to believe that the government may have know details of what was going to happen in advance but was too incompetent to connect the dots in time to prevent it. But these theories go FAR beyond any of that. They believe that the government actually planned out the attacks. It is the case they build trying to prove this is built on evidence so questionable that I just can’t understand why so many people are buying into it.

Let’s start with the idea that a missile hit the pentagon. Why if the government actually did plan to hit the two towers with real plans and crash a third plane into the middle of nowhere PA would they have used a missile for the pentagon?

Then there is building WTC 7, the building not hit by any plane but yet it fell anyway. The theorists ignore the photos showing it being pelted by debris from the towers falling next to it, they ignore the fires within the buildings and ignore all evidence. Instead they claim this was blown. Why would the government blow up a totally unrelated building?

And finally they believe it impossible that a group of 19 hijackers took over the planes with box cutters. Why is this so hard to believe? There are people willing to strap bombs on themselves and walk into stores or buses just to kill a handful of “infidels” so why is it hard to believe that 19 of such like minded individuals would be willing to die for such a cause? Also the theorists ignore history. The towers were targets back in 1993 under Democratic leadership. When Democrats and Republicans are so unwilling to agree on anything else, do they think Clinton and Bush were in agreement on murdering thousands of Americans in WTC attacks?

The theories just don’t hold up when questioned. In fact Rolling Stone did a wonderfully funny article putting together the discussion that would have had to have taken place for the theories to hold true. I’ve always been one to believe that if something doesn’t make sense it should be questioned, so can any of you 9-11 theorists explain to me how it is you continue to buy into such a nonsensical theory? I mean I can understand those writing the books and such as they are playing the P.T. Barnum card of a sucker born every minute (yes I know it was actually David Hannum who coined the phrase) and trying to make a buck off of them but those who pay the money to walk into the circus tent then see the stitching on the Feejee Mermaid and have read the news reports about the other hoaxes yet still walk away believing unquestioningly that it’s real?