Concealed Guns, Constitutional or Not?

In Dover, NH there is a case before the courts that could end up having serious impact to gun owner’s rights throughout the state. 71-year-old Edward Bleiler in talking to the city attorney about his past run-ins with mobsters dropped a loaded handgun on the desk. It is reported that this was not done to intimidate nor were any threats made.  The .38 was legally owned, the justure was done to make a point in the conversation and so far I've seen nothing to imply Edward did anything wrong other then take his gun out and display it on the attorney's desk.

Two weeks later the Dover Chief of police revoked Edward’s license to carry a concealed weapon. Since Edward is still allowed to own and carry weapons and is only restricted in that he cannot conceal them the question is now before the NH state supreme court as whether or not this infringes upon Mr. Bleiler’s constitutional rights.

The Concord Monitor asks the following two questions of this case:

• Does the right to bear arms, as described in the state constitution, include the right to carry a concealed weapon?

• Is the state law that allows officials to revoke a concealed weapon license for "just cause" so vague as to be unconstitutional?

The NH Constitution defines gun rights in article 2-A, which reads:

“All persons have the right to keep and bear arms in defense of themselves, their families, their property and the state.”

Personally I find the whole argument of whether or not to allow a license to conceal a ridiculous argument from the start. Let’s be honest here folks, if someone is going to use a gun illegally in a crime do you think they’ll think twice about concealing the weapon without a license? What are the points to concealment laws? To me this is no different then the “gun free zones” we’ve seen on college campuses like Virginia Tech. They make people feel safe but in reality they only penalize those who do not have criminal intentions in the first place. Can anyone show me one crime that was prevented as a result of such laws? So why do we have them? And worse yet, why do we use them to give people like Edward, who clearly is not a threat, a hard time?

If our state reps had any sense at all they would repeal laws like this which do nothing more then waste court time and punish those who wish to follow the law to begin with.