The Franconia Shooting

I’ve been reading the coverage of what happened in Franconia trying like many of us to make heads or tails of the tragedy. From the coverage in the Telegraph, Union Leader, Concord Monitor, WMUR, MSNBC and others I’ve put together the outline of what I believe happened, with several “what ifs” along the way.

First off there were four key players:

Officer Bruce McKay

Liko Kenney

Gregory Floyd

Caleb Macauley

History: It is being reported that McKay and Kenney had a history of bad blood between them. One such incident in 2003 left Kenney with a broken jaw and put him in a temporary coma. Kenny was charged with assaulting Officer McKay and resisting arrest, Kenney filed a lawsuit against McKay that was later tossed out since there were no witnesses.

It is reported that there was an agreement made between the police department and Kenney that if McKay were to stop him he would call in another officer.

The Innocent: Officer McKay pulled over the car driven by Kenney in which Caleb was the passenger. Kenney and/or Caleb allegedly called to McKay when he saw him approaching the car to “get another officer”. This resulted in McKay using pepper spray on both Kenny and Caleb. Kenney began driving away slowly, McKay pursued and drove Kenney’s car off the road and in some reports rammed it head on.

(This is where I must insert my first what if, McKay clearly knew Kenney. He wasn’t going to get away with anything here so why didn’t McKay follow in slow pursuit and call in backup?)

At this point Kenney reportedly pulled his gun and shot Officer McKay four times.

Gregory Floyd saw this and immediately pulled over to help the fallen officer.

Kenney then proceeded to drive his car over Officer McKay.

(Clearly this was not an act of self-defense, if Kenney had reasonable enough fear of Officer McKay to pull a gun and defend himself why would he then proceed to drive over the officer on top of it? Since Kenney did have a witness with Caleb being in the car this time why did he not just put his hands on the wheel and continue to demand to have another officer deal with him?)

Floyd at this point checked the officer for vital signs and found none. Kenney was reloading his own weapon. Floyd grabbed the officer’s gun, leveled it at Kenney and demanded he drop his weapon.

(Since the reported feud was between Kenny and McKay why would Kenney have refused to listen to Floyd at this point?)

Kenney refused to drop the weapon and as a result Floyd fired killing Kenney.

Now what’s the most interesting in all of this is that Floyd is an ex marine with a history of legal problems, known drug use, possible mental issues… he is the exact person the anti gun crowd wants to prevent from having access to guns. Yet Floyd is the only clear-cut hero in any of this story. He saw an officer down and went to his aid.

Over all this was a very tragic situation and my heart goes out to all the families involved.