Letter - Seatbelt law irony

I wanted to share a letter posted on NHFree Forum that I found quite enjoyable (posted with permission by author "CaveDog").


Dear editor,
The thought of someone sitting on the side of the road with their "live free or die" license plates affixed while being written a ticket for choosing not to wear a seat belt seemed supremely ironic to me. After some thought, I formulated a compromise position which I felt could satisfy seat belt proponants while avoiding the ironic situation above.
Since I presume that the people who want a seat belt law and those so offended by our state motto that they are proposing that we make available alternative license plates with a different motto are one and the same, I believe we should give them both, but with one caveat. The seat belt law must apply only to those without a "live free or die" license plate. Never let it be said I was unprepared to find common ground with my political opponants.