Milking the Taxpayers?

In the latest attempt by democrats to milk the taxpayers, the house voted yesterday to approve a tax on milk.

SB 235 is described as “This bill establishes an emergency milk relief fund and imposes a dairy processor fee on milk sold in this state.” In other words it’s a tax on milk to create a forced charity for dairy farmers in NH. And who exactly would a tax on a necessity item such as milk hurt the most? Certainly not the “rich” who democrats claim should be the ones paying more taxes. No, this tax is a tax on the poor who will be paying a larger percent of their income for a product they need.

The reason I call it a forced charity is because the money raised from this new tax is meant to go toward protecting farmland. And for one to see why such a gesture is a bad idea they only need to read the words of Col. David Crockett which you can find here. 

What will be interesting to watch is should this bill make it to Lynch’s desk will he break his campaign promise and support what is essentially a sales tax?