Telling Fire Fighters How to do Their Jobs

Imagine waking up to the sounds of your fire alarm, rushing out the door to safety and calling 911 on your cell phone. Your next door neighbor being a fire fighter rushes over to help. You hear the screams of your child who couldn’t make it out. You turn to your neighbor for help and he sits down on the lawn saying he has to wait because legally he can’t act to save your baby yet.

Sounds unimaginable right? Guess again. Lawmakers are currently discussing a bill that could very well make that situation true.

HB842 states:

“ A minimum of 4 trained and fully equipped firefighters shall be on-scene prior to initiating any activities under IDLH conditions.”

IDHL = “Immediately dangerous to life and health”


“Firefighters shall operate in teams of 2 or more while exposed to IDLH conditions.”

Fire fighters are trained professionals who know how to do their jobs. They put their lives in danger to protect us not because they enjoy unnessisary risks. This bill does nothing but tells them how to do their jobs and personally I find it insulting to their professional ability to be able to determine for themselves.

It is your typical union kiss up bill that is why we have situations we all joke about where you aren’t aloud to move a chair from one room to another without calling in a $50 an hour maintenance person from the union. It’s going to tax towns unnecessarily (unfunded mandate) and tell professionals how to do their jobs.