Have your gun and shoot it too?

Imagine you run a club that you established in the 1960s. During the years you’ve run it you had no real problems and for the most part everyone was happy. Now imagine that after opening your club people built homes around it and began moving in one by one. Now imagine that nearly 40 years after opening your club some of the people who have since moved in complain about it’s noise. And now imagine that when tests were taken around your club that peak decibel readings came in at early morning before your club ever opens its doors. And now imagine despite the fact that the general noise of people getting off to work in the morning is actually louder then the noise created by your club, your club is forced to close its doors due to noise.

Folks, you don’t even need to imagine because this is actually what has happened to the Lone Pine Hunters Club. Now let’s be honest, if this club was actually a racket ball club or some other sporting club no one would have a problem but the anti gun crowd are pulling all stops again Lone Pine because it involves guns.

Now today the telegraph is even reporting that some of those who signed the petition against the club were fooled into doing so as they were lead to believe they were signing a petition FOR the club rather then against it.

If the club opened up in the middle of a neighborhood where people already lived I could understand their argument. If a gun store changed from being just a gun store into a gun club, ok I can understand that argument too… but here we have a club that’s been around since the 1960s… how many of those upset with it KNEW it was there when they purchased their homes?

Folks, you don’t want to live near the club then you shouldn’t have bought your home near the club. End of story!

What’s your take on it?