Further smoking bans considered

While the state discusses banning of smoking indoors, we now see the campaign against smoking now going after a new location… outdoors. You read that right; WMUR reported today that Windham town officials have begun discussing banning smoking at the town beach. 

How long will it be before smokers are told they must smoke only in their own homes with all the shades drawn and the lights turned low?

Now I understand why they would be considering this, after all anyone who’s gone to a beach and saw countless cigarette butts laying around in the sand can see the problem. I don’t want my kids having to pick out some filthy butts when trying to build a sand castle. But to out right ban smoking? I think that’s a bit too far. In my opinion the best option for everyone would be to increase the littering laws on the beach so smokers littering the beach with their butts would have a stiff penalty but at the same time still allow them to have their freedom to smoke if they so choose.

The other question I wonder about is how with all this banning of smoking is the state going to collect anything more from the taxation on cigarettes they hope to use to fund education?