Hold Al Roker To His Own Standards

I'm sure all of you recall the Imus debacle which lead to his eventual firing from MSNBC over his off color joke. During the witch hunt every left wing anti free speech nut and their mother came out of the woodwork calling for the head of Don Imus on a stick.

One of those calling for Imus to be fired was Al Roker of the Today show. In an article he wrote which you can read here he wrote the following:

I, for one, am really tired of the diatribes, the “humor” at others’ expense, the cruelty that passes for “funny”. Don Imus isn’t the only one doing this, but today he’s the one in the hot seat. What he said was vile and disgusting. It denigrated an entire team and by extension, a community and its pride in a group that had excelled.


Yet, Don Imus needs to be fired for what he said. And while we’re at it, his producer, Bernard McGuirk, needs to be canned as well. McGuirk is just as guilty, often egging Imus on.  The “I’m a good person who said a bad thing” apology doesn’t cut it.

Last week Al himself took a pot shot at others through "humor" in saying:

"Remember that controversial Olympic logo for the 2012 Olympics in London? Some folks have complained that the campaign actually sent them into epileptic seizures, well, we asked you to weigh in on our Web site in an informal poll; those of you who could get up off the floor after shaking around were able to actually log in"

After receiving complaints Al issued the following weak appolgy on Friday:

"I want to make this clear - I was not joking about epilepsy or anyone who suffers from epilepsy"

HUH???  Is he kidding here?   So the "getting up off the floor after shaking around" comment wasn't an epilepsy joke?  Could have fooled me.

I'm sorry but I'm most likely the most pro freedom of speech person on this site but when you set your own standards as Al did in the case of Imus then you should be held to the standards you set.

NBC's switchboard can be reached at 212-664-4444, I would urge anyone wishing to voice their opinion to give them a call.  While I could care less if Imus or Roker made off color jokes I certainly feel that Al should be held to his own standards.