Liberty Lost

America is the land of the free and New Hampshire is the Live Free or Die state right?  So you would think that our state government would lean toward supporting more freedoms and defending the liberty of the people.  Guess again folks.

The 2007 Liberty Alliance Report Card is in and it isn't good.  You would think in the land of the free and within the Live Free or Die state that the vast majority of our state reps scored high in voting to preserving liberty and personal freedom.  Sadly that isn't the case.

 Only one single rep from the house had a 90% of better rating and only 72 total scored 65% or better.  In fact of the 398 state reps on the house side 275 of them voted less then 45% of the time in favor of allowing you to keep your personal freedoms or liberties.  36 didn't vote enough to even be counted.  Of 398 reps, those numbers out right stink!

And senate was just as bad, the highest pro liberty percent was 84%, the remainder of the 24 senators were all below 80%.  14 of which were below 50%. 

In 2006 we had 6 state reps scoring over 90% pro liberty and only 10 senators below 50%.

Clearly we're moving in the wrong direction.

You can view different break downs of the House results:

And Senate here: 

I can sit here and spin the numbers 100 different ways and then some showing different types of break downs but its best for you to go to the site and look them over yourself.  Be aware of who is voting to take away your personal freedoms.

Warning: Don't be fooled by some other sites out there posting the liberty ratings as they may not be the official NH liberty alliance ratings.  I feel prey to this reading information from an unofficial site that apparently created their own rating system.  The two links above are to the official site.