Do Democrats Care When Their Side Breaks the Law?

Time and time again we hear Democrats pig piling on to take their swings when Republicans are caught doing anything wrong.  Republicans likewise seek the offenders resignation and distance themselves from them.  When Democrats are caught in the act it's a different story.  Democrats ignore or defend and often times try to attack any Republican who dare point their finger at a Democrat as simply attacking.

And when it comes to those seeking the highest office in this country I would think the scrutiny would be even greater.  For Republicans again it is.  Democrats seem to have they insurrectionary behavior out right ignored.

Case in point, Hillary Clinton.  Currently there is a smoking gun video on the Internet which you can view here that shows her "allegedly" in the act of committing a crime.

In 2000 Peter Paul spent about $2 million on Hillary's senate campaign, exceeding the legal limits.  In a written testimony Hillary claimed to have no knowledge of the donation (you can view the document here)
yet the video shows her not only knowing about it be as the ring master behind it.

Will democrats question her behavior?  Will they demand a trail to get to the bottom of whether or not she broke the law?  Will you hear Democrats calling her a liar as they often chant about Republicans?  Or will they ignore it outright and nominate her as their party's choice for the top position within this country?

Based on other questionable things surrounding her such as the mysterious appearance of the Rose Law Firm documents that just suddenly appeared in her room being completely brushed off I would suspect Democrats will also brush this off as well and the left wing media will let them.