I Can't Drive 55

I started watching my speed recently in relation to the posted speed limits and I've grown ever more confident that speed limits as they stand now are ridiculous.  I would bet a nice steak dinner that not a person reading this actually drives the posted speed limits 100% of the time.  In fact I would like to share a couple observations...

Let's start by pointing out people do not drive the posted speed limits.  For instance, today I was riding down DW Highway in Merrimack in an area posted at 30 MPH during a high traffic time so the road was fairly bumper to bumper.  The car I was in was keeping pace with the car in front of me who in turn was keeping pace with the car in front of them and so on.  I even noticed a police cruiser traveling at the same pace as he too was within the pocket of traffic.  At that point I looked down to the speedometer and it read 45 MPH, 15 miles per hour over the speed limit yet every car on the road was going that rate.

On another occasion I was riding in a car backed up in a line of traffic because the leading car was going so slow on the one lane road.  The car I was in was already 4 cars back and there were more cars lining up behind me.  Again I looked to see how fast we were all traveling to led to such a "slowdown", the speedometer read 35 MPH... the posted speed limit was 30 MPH.

I also question why I-93 drops to 55 in Salem just before it switches from a two lane highway to a 3 lane highway which I would think could even more safely accommodate higher speed traffic, not to mention this is roughly 4 miles before it crosses over into MA which has their limit set back up to 65 MPH.  What is the logic other then creating an unnecessary speed trap to help generate revenue for the state?

In a video found HERE  a group of students actually choose to enact a case of civil obedience and on a five lane highway got five cars to actually drive the posted speed limit.  The reaction was people illegally passing in the breakdown lane (in one case actually hitting a broken down car to get around them).  Obeying the law created dangerous situation!

One driver, Larry Lemay is no longer willing to put up with this foolishness has filed a lawsuit against the state of NH.  His lawsuit is asking the state to actually do its job and research what a safe speed would be on all its highways and set it's limits appropriately instead of keeping them artificially low for the sake of having a cash cow which they can use to extract money unjustly from people.

My hat is off to Larry and I wish him the very best in his efforts!  In the meantime I am publicly requesting that people act out in civil obedience and FOLLOW THE LAW.  Maybe after enough of our state politicians find themselves stuck behind people actually following the law they will understand the need to increase the speed limit.

 This is nothing more then Government making criminals out of good honest people!