Top Ten Reasons to Support Ron Paul

I've been "unofficially" supporting Ron Paul for a while now but I've decided to come out so to speak and announce my support.  In reading up on the candidates I found more and more reasons to support Ron Paul while other candidates in either party have been demonstrating more and more reasons not to vote for them.

What I'm also amazed at are those I've spoken to who are publicly supporting other candidates, most others seem very uninformed about who they are supporting or where their candidates actually stand on most issues.  I would think if you were going to hold a sign for someone or march in a parade on their behalf you would take the time to read more then just the buzz words on a campaign site and know who it is your supporting and why. 

Without getting into the negativity I will focus on the top ten reasons I'm supporting Ron Paul in the Primaries.

1) Ron Paul is fiscally responsible.  The  non-partisan group The National Taxpayers Union have voted him as a "Taxpayers Friend" multiple years and has their highest rating on over all political careers.  Of those running in 2008 only three candidates even made their list in their last rating and they were Ron Paul at 84%, Tancredo 80% followed by John McCain rated 78%.  In their most recent ratings only Congressman Flake 91% and Senators Sununu 91%, Kyl 87% and Demint 85% scored higher.  So of those running you cannot find anyone more fiscally responsible then Ron Paul.

2)  He doesn't support debit spending.  His record speaks for itself in that he has NEVER voted for an unbalanced budget.  Every year Ron Paul has returned a portion of his own annual budget to the US treasury.  How many other members of congress and senate can say that?

3) He has integrity.  While we see others in congress continue to vote themselves raises year after year, Ron Paul has NEVER voted to raise congressional pay.

4) He's never flip-flopped on Iraq, he voted against it from the start.  I will admit I supported the war to begin with as did most of America based on the belief that Iraq had WMDs.  Once it was proven they didn't we lost any true justification for being there.  Ron Paul believed from the start that they were of no threat to us based on the evidence he was given (which I would believe to be more than you or I would ever see) and has voted to keep us out from day one.

5) He doesn't believe the Federal Government should put a corporation in charge of our money.  The Federal Reserve is an outside corporation in charge of our nation's money which we pay them to borrow increasing our national debt.  Our Constitution (Article 1 Section 8) gives the Federal government the exclusive power to coin our money so we have no reason to essentially indebt ourselves to a corporation as we currently do, not to mention it is unconstitutional.  Ron Paul has proposed legislation to get us back to the gold standard and end this cycle of increasing debt to a corporation.

6) He believes in states rights.  On many issues our federal government has overstepped its bounds.  Ron Paul believes in giving the power back to each individual state to allow the people (not the government) to have more control over issues they feel are important.

7) Ron Paul supports the 2nd amendment and has never voted in support of unconstitutional gun restrictions.

8) Ron Paul is a good honest person.  He and his wife have been married for over 50 years and his personal life is very respectable.

9) He doesn't walk the party line.  Ron Paul ran for president as a Libertarian in 1988 against George HW Bush because he disagreed with the loose fiscal retraint of the Republican party at that time.

10) He has mass crossover appeal with supporters coming from all types; male/female, black/white, young/old, straight/gay, rich/poor, Democrat, Republican and Independent alike.  I was a little surprised showing up at a sign holding for Ron Paul when I saw someone I knew from Merrimack who is what I would consider a very left wing person.  He's registered Democrat, works a government job etc.  Yet, there he was holding a sign for Ron Paul.  He, as I, sees Ron as a person of integrity who has true values and morals and he agreed that Ron would be a great choice to have as president.

I would be interested in hearing the opinions of others, both positive and negative in regards to Ron Paul.


Note: The views expressed here are my own and may not represent the views of Ron Paul or his campaign.