Harry Potter Mania Comes to NH

This week I find myself completely geeked out in the whole Harry Potter mania between the new movie that just came out last week and the last book in the series coming out this coming weekend.

I must confess I am a little embarrassed by my excitement but I find that I'm not alone.  One of my co-workers was wearing her Harry Potter quditch jersey the other day, while others have been discussing the finer details of the new movie.  A political forum for the Free State Project that I read frequently has a very active thread discussing theories of how the series will end.  Even the Nashua Telegraph has Harry Potter contests on their Forum and 96.9 FM talk radio has turned to the topic of Harry mania.  It seems everyone young and old is hung up on Harry.

Given the hype I thought I would try to get a conversation going to address a couple questions...

A) Where is the best place in NH to go for the book sale party?

B) What speculations does everyone have regarding what will happen?

C) Why has the Harry Potter series become such a cult phenomenon?