Kids in NH are now number 2

For the first time in at least 6 years NH no longer claims the #1 spot on the national Kids Count Survey.  Our multi year reign has ended with NH slipping to the #2 spot.

Since Democrats claim to do so much "for the children" I would think NH would be improving leaps and bounds since Lynch had taken over.  And while you can't move up from #1, maybe another state just got a little better then we did... so I looked close at WHY we slipped to the number 2 spot.

We continue to have the lowest rates of child poverty in the entire country... BUT from 2000 to 2005 it has risen an astounding 50% from 6% to 9%.

Children living in families where no parent has full time year round work has risen.  2000 24% to 2005 27%.

Teens not in school and also not working doubled.  2001 we had only 3% and in 2005 it had climbed to 6%.

Teen births have gone down but the survey does not count number of abortions.

In some areas such as mortality rates we continue to improve but I would suspect that is due more to improvements in science and medicine then in state policy.  And even in the stats we are falling in we continue to beat the national average but when it comes to our kids being above average shouldn't be the only goal... we should strive to be the BEST.

But learning we've dropped out of the number 1 spot for the first time going back as far as they show state ratings is troubling.  I think our state reps should seriously look at what policies have been put in place within the last couple years that could have caused this and begin looking at reverting them back to what obviously worked.  And quite honestly if I were John Lynch I would be VERY troubled by this news and would be addressing it the first chance I had.  I'll be watching to see what he has to say about it.