Democrats Seek to Expand Eavesdropping

Over the past couple years how many times have you heard complaints from the left that Bush is spying on Americans and warrantless wiretapping is evil and wrong?  I've lost count.  So imagine my shock when I read the following heading lin the New York Times... "Democrats Scrambling to Expand Eavesdropping". 

The article goes on to say "It would be the first change in the law since the Bush administration’s program of wiretapping without warrants became public in December 2005."

So for years we hear the chats from the left about how evil Bush is and how he's spying without warrants and yet the first change to the law the Democrats look to make is to expand its power.

And if that isn't alarming enough here's the real kick in the pants, "The Democrats have proposed that the eavesdropping be reviewed by the secret FISA court to make sure that it has not ensnared any Americans."  Reviewed by a secret FISA court, well that should put everyone at ease right?

Folks, if you honestly thought you were going to get something different by voting against Republicans in '06 guess again.  We are still in Iraq and the government is still looking to expand it's warrantless spying powers.