Thoughts about School Spending

I read a letter to the editor a while back that really got me thinking about school spending.  The author "CamillusGrl" was arguing back about a comment that teachers are nothing more then over paid baby sitters.

Her (I'm assuming based on the name that it is a woman) comments got me thinking.

The idea is a baby sitter gets $5 an hour ($10 if they are really good).

And since teachers only actually have the kids in the room 6 hours they should only be paid for 6 hours.

And they don't work a full year so only 180 days worth of pay.

Average class is 20 to 25 kids so let's call it 22.

So do the math with me... $5 an hour X 6 hours a day X 180 days a year means each parent would be responsible to pay $5,400 a year.

Now multiply that $5,400 by 22 kids in a classroom and each teacher would be making $118,800 a year.  Benefits are roughly $20,000 per full time employee so take home would be $98,800.

Even if parents pay $1,000 more for books and transportation costs, heck how about $2,000 more for such things the cost per student still falls far below the nearly $10,000 per student we're paying today and teachers earn FAR less then $98,800 a year.  Most admisistrators don't even make that much.

Instead teacher earn on average around $45,000.  Add in the $20,000 in benefits and that's $65,000.  Break that out by 22 kids and it's just about $3000 per year per kid.  Yet as I brought up before, we're paying close to $10,000 per year per kid in this state.

That's $7,000 per year going for something other then the most important thing in the classroom besides your own kid (the teacher).

Something to think about!