You Have Rights as Long as You Don't Use Them

Dave Ridley, who you may recall was arrested for exercising his 1st Amendment rights passing out a flier at a government office, was harassed again this past weekend for simply walking down the street exercising his 2nd amendment rights.

You have here the whole incident here from a recording made on a cell phone when it happened.

Dave was walking down the street in Manchester, NH and was subsequently stopped by the police, not because he was doing anything wrong, fit the descriptions of someone they were looking for or otherwise lead the police to have reasonable suspicion about his activities... He was stopped because he was using his right to open carry a fire arm.  As a result he was stopped, asked for his papers (ID) and had to prove he was NOT breaking the law before the police let him continue.  Just like something you see in one of the old back and white films of tourists traveling in dictatorships or government controlled countries.

Seems to me that this is completely backwards for America.  You would think the police would need to have reason to suspect you were not following the law before stopping you and giving you a hard time... not simply because you were walking down a street and legally carrying a gun.

Is it no longer a matter of being innocent until proven guilty?  If you choose to use your right to carry a fire arm are you instantly thought of as a criminal and must prove yourself innocent before being allowed to walk down the street?

This is what happens when we as a society stop using our rights, we lose our rights.

Let's hope we never get to the point were I'm writing about Dave's 3rd Amendment rights being violated because at that point it may be too late for any hope that this country be restored to a Constitutional Republic.