Ed Brown's Dwindling Support

Ed Brown as many of you may recall was convicted for tax evasion.  During the first part of his trial he argued that there was no law requiring him to pay income tax and even said he would agree to pay if the courts would show him the law.  They never did.  He was found guilty, along with his wife and both sentenced to 5 years in prison.  You can read my original take here.

I have been following the Ed Brown story, as he is still held up in his home and recent events have me questioning whether Ed is truly nuts or if he is going out of his way to try to open himself up to an insanity defense once he is brought in.  Aside from some of the wacky comments that have been made in by Ed both in the news and on the ineternet he has gone above and beyond what I though capable of him.

Just this week I've learned of his "murder list" which is comprised of about 50 names of people Ed feels should be murdered.  The site this list was mentioned on is currently down, should it come back up I will supply a link.

When you start taking this approach, I'm sorry but you lose ANY support from reasonable people.  When Ed argued that he should be shown the law, that was a reasonable request.  The courts were wrong to not sit him down and show him the law and if the law did not exist then he had a valid argument.  But all valid points are lost once you turn to the idea of violence and push your supporters to kill on your behalf.

 So is Ed really out of his mind or is he simply trying to copy a insanity defense?  Or was this list simply a rumor of someone trying to help diminish any support Ed has in order to make it easier for the police to eventually move in and arrest him?