Change Denied! Analysis of the NH Primary Vote

Reflecting back on the results on the NH Primary I must say I'm a little surprised.  The buzz in the air was that people wanted change.  The 2006 election clearly showed people were (and still are) feed up with the Iraq war.  We heard how Bush wants to take away our rights.  How torture is bad.  How special interest funding is ruining this country and we need campaign reform.  How our Constitutional rights continue to evaporate.  How we want more honest candidates (Bush lied chant anyone?).  Etc etc etc...

Based on all that was going around before the election I expected NH to vote in favor of candidates that at least gave the impression of being what the people said they wanted, instead NH picked Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

These two are both political insiders who are very much part of our current system.  There's NO change in either of them... they are the current system. 

So let's go point by point as far as what people said they wanted...

Hillary and McCain are both Washington insiders.  No change.

Iraq War
Both supported the war and have a fairly pro war stance.  Hillary tries to come off as more anti war but admits it would be years before the troops would come home.

Bush stripping our rights/ Anti Constitutional views
McCain's McCain-Fiengold campaign finance reform bill has been struck down as unconstitutional in every court it was faced yet he STILL thinks that bill was a good idea.  And HIllary?  She's worse.  Her attacks on the video game industry are anti 1st AmendmentHer views are anti 2nd Amendment.  Some even argue that if in fact Bill is using Hillary to seek a 3rd term they may be violating the 22nd Amendment.  She's even been caught on tape in the act of [allegedly] committing felonies.
I can't see how anyone who sees Bush as a problem could truly see either candidate as an improvement without showing themselves to be a complete hypocrite.  Still McCain does have the slight advantage as his views as not quite as unconstitutional as Hillary's, but neither is a friend of the Constitution.

Torture is bad
Hillary?  LOL don't make me laughPoint to McCain on this one.

Special Interest Funding is Driving Political Choices
Hillary has received more special interest money hand over fist so no one can argue against special interest funding and not look like a hypocrite.  With the cries about Bush having the oil companies in his back pocket and Chaney's ties to Halliburton I would have thought this to be an important issue for Democrats but apparently it wasn't... unless of course they are so hypocritical as to feel that it's ok when it comes to special interest groups they agree with, like say the teachers unions.
McCain while approaching this in an unconstitutional way, has at least proven himself to be against Special Interest Funding.  Point to McCain

Bush lied/ Need for Honest Politicians
Hillary has proven herself dishonest.  She's been caught in lies and has more scandals to her name then anyone else in the race from either party.
McCain doesn't score any better though as he continues to try to claim he is not supporting amnesty for illegals.  You can call what he's doing a hamburger if you want but that doesn't change what it is.

So when you add it all up I can't see how based on what people SAY they want why they would have picked two choices so unfitting of their claims.  Over all though McCain is at least a little more in line with the claims.

Maybe the Onion in their attempt at humor actually got it right (Warning adult content in video beyond this link)