Top 10 Bad Bills (And a few good ones)

I've been reading through the list of some of the bills that were submitted by our state lawmakers and sure enough there are some really bad ones.  Here is a list of ten really bad bills our state is looking to make into laws.

1) HB 1593 - Establishing an income tax.  Need I say more?

2) HB 1434 - Carbon offsetting scheme that will indirectly tax you by causing the cost of electricity to go up.  This is going to sure hurt the poor that the democrats claim to be the defenders of.

3) HB 1354 - Eliminates your 2nd Amendment rights in PUBLIC state buildings.  (Personally I would expect this to be struck down as unconstitutional should it pass)

4)  CACR 28 - Increasing legislature's pay to $100 per week.  Read as more tax to be paid directly to elected officials.

5) CACR 14 - State aid cannot decrease unless the number of students decrease.  Hmm, so if the cost of living and hence the cost of education were to drop this law would FORCE the state to keep giving the same level even if it isn't needed.  Bad idea folks!

6) HB 711 - Driving your insurance rates to go up by forcing insurance companies to pay for hormone drugs for transsexuals.  Then we sit around wondering why insurance is so costly and many Americans can't afford it.

7) HB 1218 - Taking away your freedom of speech by telling you how many signs and how large a sign you are allowed to hold outside a polling place during an election.

8) HB 1616 - This bill I could write a whole article on.  To sum it up, if a college student chooses to register to vote at their school instead of voting at their home (ie legal address used for school loans etc) and as a result loses that aid, the NH state government will take money from your pocket to give to that student.  Considering they can legally vote at their legal address with an absentee ballot, I can't stress how bad of an idea this is.

9) HB 1510 - Expanding the definition of tobacco and increasing the tax to 60% on such products.  Here's an idea... how about curbing spending so we don't need to keep taxing everything and anything?

10)  HB 1454 - This bill adopts the interstate agreement to elect the president by national popular vote.


But not all the new bills are bad.   Here's a list of 10 good ones which will hopefully pass.

 1) HB 436 - Expands public expression laws to cover ALL public employees.  As the law is currently written it only covers state employees.

2) HB 1305 - Eliminates the filing fee for those seeking local elections.

3) HB 1592 - Forces the state to obey it's own Constitution and use the money collected through tolls to be spent on highways and bridges.

4) CACR 24 - Prohibiting any taxes on personal income with a Constitutional Amendment.  Write your reps and get them to back this one!

5) HB 1504 - Withdraw NH from the No Child Left Behind Act.  Say goodbye to the unfunded mandates!

6 & 7)  CACR 21 & CACR29 - Gives control of the education to local boards instead of at the state level.  The reason this is good is because it moves one step closer to giving the most important person in a child's life the power to do what is best for them... the parents.  Now if we could only put up a bill to allow vouchers or school choice.

8) CACR 25 -  This constitutional amendment concurrent resolution provides that the state shall not participate in federally mandated programs that are unfunded or partially funded.

9) HB 1281 - Prohibiting public schools from requiring health insurance as a condition of enrollment.

10) HB 1543 - This bill establishes a procedure for a member of the legislature to introduce a citizen's petition for redress of grievances.