Learning About Local Candidates During a National Race

As you all go out to vote in the primary today here's something to think about...  outside the polling location you usually find a large number of people holding signs.  Pay close attention to those people even if you don't know the names that go with their faces.  Many of them are the same faces who run time and time again for local and state positions.

State candidates aren't so much something to focus on as unless you have large choices in the state primary; you can at least fall back to the party affiliation.  

Town races however are different... you don't see party affiliation so there is no fall back.  You actually have to base your vote of sound bytes and the well formed comments the candidates choose to give you (at least for those who have never held office).  Even those who have held office only office brief glimpses into their real views, unless you take the time to watch their meetings on public access or go and review the meeting minutes.  But then again even meeting minutes don't tell the whole picture because they are written and approved by those in office to reflect the views they want reflected in the minutes (but that's a story all to itself).

This morning when I went to vote in Merrimack I looked and saw some of the same faces I see time and time again at elections 

One person who ran in a local race recently who tried to position himself as fiscally sound candidate was out holding a Hillary Clinton sign.  Granted I wasn't too shocked as I took time then (as I usually do in any election) to learn about the candidates running locally and it was clear to me when listening to him defending the tax and spenders we already had in office claiming they were also fiscally sound that he was no fiscally sound candidate.  His views were big government and his holding a sign for a big government candidate like Hillary was to be expected.

And if you actually know some of those out holding signs take time to talk to them.  Ask them why they are supporting who they are.  One State Rep we have in Merrimack was holding a McCain sign.  When asked why she replied his fiscal policies.  Since she's an A rated rep by the NH Liberty Alliance and McCain is a highly rated candidate by the National Tax Payers Union this came as no surprise either.  And while McCain isn't my top choice (Ron Paul is), I can respect why she would pick him and her reasoning certainly made me feel good about her being one of my representatives even if I didn't agree with her choice.

So pay attention to not only who's currently running but who's currently supporting those who are running as it is information you may be able to use to help know who to vote for later based on how well their choice in candidates agree with your own.