NHInsider's Own Matt Simon Named in Conspiracy Theory

In reading one of the competing blog sites to this one I found an interesting article discussing the recent illegal push polling taking place here in NH.  In it they name Matt Simon and his group NH Common Sense as possible conspirators.  Based on this I thought it best to bring the discussion over to NH Insider where Matt would be sure to be about to read it first hand and rebuttal back...  Here is the portion of the article in question:

Push polling is so controversial that NH has banned it all together in all state elections. We did not include federal elections because it was felt to be beyond our purview. In hindsight perhaps we should have included federal elections in the ban and let the AG and the US attorney both have a chance to dig deep into this.

The callers direct people to a web site www.commonsensenh.com which does not exist, the closest match is www.nhcommonsense.org which is a pro marijuana group. Now they do not like Huckabee and there is even a libertarian web site that mentions that group in an article criticizing Huckabee supporter Sen. Bob Clegg.

Now, continuing in the direction of conspiracy theory, I found a quote from Matt Simon, executive director of the pro marijuana group NH Common Sense, “push-polling New Hampshire voters only ticks them off”. In the same article he points out his group gave Huckabee an F. But then of the other GOP candidates in the race only Ron Paul gets a good grade. The others are F or D-.

Now would a conspiracy against Huckabee use push polling that appears to be against McCain and Romney? Well if that conspiracy was trying to promote - oh say - Ron Paul maybe they would target all the candidates but Paul hoping to tar them all, but then I am running out of tin foil to build this hat - off to the dollar store for more (I wonder what the lead content of this Chinese tin foil is - am I poisoning myself by using it?)

Personally I think Rob's tinfoil hat may actually be working as a amplifier instead of a blocker because I can't see how he can draw the conclusions he does.  He is either unaware or ignoring the fact that Ron was in fact the subject along with the other candidates of some of the push polls.  On top of that, why would Matt who admits push polls "tick people off" give his own groups website unless he wants people to associate them with the polls he knows would upset them?  Sorry but this theory makes no sense and has more holes then swiss cheese.