Meanwhile in Local News: Merrimack Outlet Mall Battle Continues

While most of NH still focuses on the Primaries and their results a small battle continues on in the town of Merrimack over a proposed outlet mall.

The town had already voted yes to allow the land to be rezoned to allow for the outlets so the next step in the process is to have the planning board accept the proposed mall.

In what appears to be nothing shy of an attempt to bribe people to show support, the Chelsey group who are proposing the outlet mall have taken to rewarding people who add their names to the online petition with a "VIP Coupon Book".  And what is even more telling is that you do not see the text of the petition on the page you sign up for the coupon book.  You must click the read petition option on the bottom of the screen in order to pull up the following text:

As a Merrimack resident/business/property owner, I urge the Planning Board and other officials to approve Merrimack Premium Outlets�. The voters have spoken and feel strongly that Merrimack Premium Outlets® will be beneficial to the town, providing over 1,000 jobs, more than $1 million in tax revenue and an exciting, premium outlet shopping experience. I urge the Planning Board to approve the Conditional Use Permit and other subsequent permits.

Since at this point in time the only thing left for the Planning Board to do is assure that the Chelsey group is actually following the law why would they even push such a petition?  Something doesn't smell right with this one folks!