Think MTV?

MTV recently has been running some rather alarming commercials (you can video them here) depicting armed rounding people up then fade from modern time into pictures of 1940s Germany implying that we are on the cusp of Nazi take over here in America.  They then flash up the website suggesting that there you can find the information needed to stop the Nazi take over.

I went to this site and I must say "think" is not one of the words I would use in connection to this site.  It's nothing more then a thinly veiled promotion for the Democratic party.  And using the ads to imply that without Democrats we'll be facing another Nazi Germany?  I would hope even Democrats view this as low but when they rely on Obama interviews with "Sway" (yes that was the name of the person interviewing Obama) as tools to win over votes I don't really expect much.

What is amusing is that the title of the Obama interview with "Sway" is "Obama: McCain 'Note Concerned With Facts'".  That's not a typo on my part, they actually wrote "Note" instead of "Not".  That aside though, in the roughly 4 minute interview Obama gives with "Sway" you see a quite humorous handshake, the two talking sports references (Obama wants the ball),  thin attempts to link McCain to Bush and then claims the McCain has no record.  In other words a lot of talk and very little facts, the exact same thing they accuse McCain of doing in the video title.

What bothers me most about this whole thing is that walking away from it you are left with the implication that Republcians equal Nazis and this is what MTV is choosing to use their efforts into implanting into young minds.  I have to ask Democrats, is this good in your minds?  Do you want to win by misleading and creating fear instead of having people vote for your party for where it actually stands on the issues?

You do remember issues don't you?  Like abortion, gun control, taxes, national security and so forth?  I would like to hope that maybe at least a few of the young minds that surf over to MTV's political jumbo actually do think.

MTV in the meanwhile should have stuck to playing videos.  Remember videos... David Lee RothHot chick dancing on the hood of Whitesnakes car?  Now we get "MTV News" featuring interviews with "Sway" and MTV trying to "inform" voters.  Idiocracy here we come!