If Democrats Win...

I have a couple questions of Democrats if their party wins as many of them expect will happen come November and if they control all three branches no longer having the scapegoat of the Republican Party they have now with President Bush.

1) Will they start taking credit for the problems their policies create?

2) Will they have the balls to do all the things the say they will do in order to get elected (like all those things they said they would do in '06 such as get us out of Iraq, lower the cost of oil, improve the economy etc etc etc)?

3) When their party leaders fail to follow through on the things they promised or when their polices are enacted and cause greater problems will they take them to task and hold them accountable?

4) If the "rich" begin to shelter their money or leave the country to protect themselves from the higher taxes Obama has admitted he wants for them will Democrats admit the Laffer curve is true?

5) When Democrats begin stripping away our Constitutional rights will we see the same level of protesting we see when Republicans attempt to do it?

6) If the national debt continues to go up will you take the Democratic party to task for uncontrolled spending (still waiting for Democrats to admit to the fact that the national debt went UP under Bill Clinton)?

7) Will you continue to track the number of American troops who die overseas and blame the Democrats for putting them in harms way?

8) Will you continue to claim every non US military death reported in world media is a civilian even when your party is in charge as you do now?

9) If there is another attack on American soil will you admit Democrats fail to protect us?

10) If the standard of living for the average middle class family does not go up will you admit your party failed in what it claimed it would accomplish?

Based on what we see currently in NH where Democrats have taken control of all branches of government I don't expect to see any of the above answers being YES.  Instead I suspect we'll see the same thing we saw here in NH... news failing to cover the major stories or downplaying them when they do leaving the public unaware of things like the multimillion dollar deficit this state faces or the vast number of new taxes and fees that have been levied on the NH public.  People will be left for the most part uninformed about the rights and personal liberties they've had stripped away and the out right horrible policies such as letting children of any age walk in and get abortions without their parents even having to know.

Democrats know that people would never support them knowing what they support and what policies the push for so they seek to keep power by making sure people don't know about the double digit spending increases or immoral policies.

Will that change if they gain national level control?  Sadly I suspect it wont.