Why Obama?

I heard an interesting question raised yesterday that I would like to explore a little here.  The question is why would someone vote for Obama with all there is to know about him?

I guess it's only fair to start by stating what exactly there is to "know".

For starters there is the friendship between domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and Barack Obama.  Here is a man who has killed cops, bombed the nations capital, sought to kill US soldiers and their dates and when asked about it he stated he felt he didn't do enough.  While it is true that Bill Ayers murdered and terrorized when Obama was only 8, it was much later in Obama's life (well after Ayers had been identified and known for his crimes) that Obama choose the setting of Bill Ayers living room to launch his political career.  And it was the experience that Bill Ayers helped Obama get that he is now using as his qualifications for being ready for president.

Then you have Obama's connections to the racist and American hating Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  Clearly Obama and company knew his views weren't popular or they never would have attempted to hide them, but they did.  Wright, like Ayers was someone Obama considered a close friend and this was a church where Obama gave thousands in donations and raised his children in.  Obama claims to want to unify this country yet his own church preaches "If God is not for us (blacks) and against white people, then he is a murderer, and we had better kill him."

Even Obama's own wife has expressed American hating views claiming she had never before been proud of this country.

Obama's voting record was rated the most liberal of all of the Senate in 2007 showing him to be anything but the moderate uniter he has claimed himself to be.  He has proven himself to be anti 2nd amendment even disagreeing with the Supreme Courts ruling about the D.C. gun ban.  He has likewise expressed the same racist views as his pastor admitting that he believes we should have policies based on race and that even hiring should factor in race.  His answers on the 1998 State Legislators Awareness test say all there is to know about his views on unifying this country:

    Indicate the principles you support concerning affirmative action. Should state government agencies take race and sex into account in the following sectors?
  • Q: College and university admissions? A: Yes
  • Q: Public employment A: Yes
  • Q: State contracting? A: Yes.
So forget hiring the most qualified regardless of race or gender, based on Obama's views we should make sure that equal numbers of each race and gender are hired regardless of how skilled each of those who apply actually are.  Is that what's really best for this country?

    The radio host who asked the question of why anyone would support Obama concluded one of two theories as the answer:
    1) His supporters don't know all the negatives about him.
    2) They do know and just don't care.

    I would theorize that there is also a 3rd group, people who know but just don't believe it.

    From my experience in discussions with Obama supporters I found that many get upset when you start bringing any negative points up about Obama.  Generally they start with immediate deflections to Bush and try to characterize McCain as being equal to Bush.  When I point out that McCain wasn't my first choice (Ron Paul was) but I'm left having to look at the records and backgrounds of two men whom I didn't pick I fail to see nearly half the disqualifiers in McCain's background as I do with Obama and I would be interested in hearing from them how Obama is more qualified.  Again it generally turns to either anger about Bush and his failed policies.  This leads me to believe that many Obama supporters fall into the 3rd group, they just don't want to hear and believe the negatives about Obama.  That want to believe Obama is actually all the things he and the Democrats make him out to be.  They want to believe in something that his record has proven he really isn't.  It's hard to admit to yourself that your dreams went sour (to coin a phrase used on 96.9).

    There is plenty of evidence to support that a large number of Obama supporters also fall into group 1, they just don't know.  Records have surfaced proving that Democrats specifically target "the idiots".  And just whom do they consider "idiots", well that would be "minorities, GED's, and drop-outs".  This says to me that they know informed voters will not support their socialistic, Anti American and Anti Constitutional views, instead they have to target the uninformed and hope to win them over.

    There are also those who know and either share Obama's views that America is flawed and we need to change it.  These are the same people who feel that the Constitution is a living document that should be viewed differently over time, who believe the 2nd amendment is out dated, and who believe that we should let 3rd world nations who form the U.N. determine whats best for our national security.

    Those who at least admit Obama is flawed but believe McCain to be worse, I would lump into the 3rd group.  They really want to believe Obama is better.  It could be because they've bought into the lies about McCain such as the Keating 5 claims Obama had made.  Or they believe the hype over Rev. Hagee but fail to realize that McCain hasn't set foot in Hagee's church in over 20 years while Obama has continued to go to Rev. Wrights and even choose to raise his children in that church.

    Over all I just can't see how anyone informed could in any way argue that Obama is the lesser of two evils here unless of course they actually do buy into his views in which case I would argue they too are a domestic enemy of the Constitution and of this country.