Obama's Birth Certificate

There were questions that surfaced months ago regarding Obama's place of birth and whether or not he meets the qualifications of the US Constitution necessary to hold the office of president.

Obama's camp released a scanned document they claimed to be his birth certificate to a left wing website.  For a while it seemed to have quelled the storm but now a lawsuit has been filed (August 21, 2008) against Obama in Philadelphia claiming he is not eligible to hold the office of presidency.  There are two parts to the suit but the vast majority could be settled quickly if he provided the court a copy of his certificate.  Instead of doing this he and the DNC have filed a motion to dismiss.  Why?  If he has nothing to hide why not just submit a copy of the birth certificate?

It also goes much further then just his birth certificate.  There is also questions on how he qualified for schooling in Indonesia without giving up his US citizenship.

Philip Berg, the lawyer who filed the suit explains it as well as the evidence he has against Obama in a video found HERE.

Meanwhile the media completely ignores this story.  There is no coverage what so ever of it.  In fact I doubt most Americans even know there are questions on whether or not Obama can legally be president of this nation.

Oh and did I mention that Philip Berg is a Democrat?