Stealing The Vote

I'd like to share a situation that recently occurred in Merrimack as reported by the Union Leader:

For local officials in Merrimack, their knowledge of election law was tested when a woman came in with her husband to vote and the only identification she had was a Polish passport.

"I asked her the obvious question -- was she a citizen?" said Town Moderator Lynn Christensen. "She said she was, but she didn't have her citizenship papers." Meanwhile, the husband had "steam coming out of his ears," said Christensen.

The woman had to file an affidavit stating that she was a citizen and was entitled to vote, then election officials let her fill in her ballot.

Think about this for a moment... a woman with a foreign passport walks into a polling location, claims to be a citizen, signs a piece of paper then is allowed to vote.  In a matter of minutes her ballot is mixed in with all others, unidentifiable from the rest.  It no longer matters if she lied or if she were a legal voter.

Folks, if someone votes who is not legally entitled to vote they are stealing your vote just as much as if armed guards stood outside a polling location preventing you from filling out a ballot.  And right now not only do we allow it but our elected officials refuse to do anything to help prevent it, voting down every measure that has been put up to help ensure that every LEGAL vote count.

Write to your elected officials, tell them you want fair elections and you do not want your vote stolen from you by someone not legally entitled to vote in this country.  Demand that laws are put in place to assure every vote counts.