Government is the Problem

In a Rasmussen poll released this week 59% of those polled still believe in Regean's phylosophy that government is the problem.  You would think that when 59% percent of those polled want less government we would be seeing strong pushing toward those candidates who are small government and rejection of those who want to grow government.  And with only 35% of Liberals seeing government as the problem you would also think that Democrats in general would be rejected by the vast majority who do not share their over all belief of more government solutions.

Even Bill Clinton acknowledge that government isn't the solution but instead the problem when he stated “the era of big government is over."

So why isn't it happening?  Why do we continue to elect big government candidates on all levels who do nothing more then create more problems with government solutions and continue to grow our government?  NH's spending increases of 17.5% causing us to fall from 2nd in the nation lowest tax burden to 4th in the nation should have been the signal flare to everyone who falls within that 59% to start looking at who's pushing for more government and start rejecting those candidates and yet we aren't.

Voters are starting to remind me of women in abusive relationships.  Sure we know he's a bum and he beats us up every once in a while but this time he'll change.  Wake up folks, he's not going to change!  Look at who your voting for and let's starting pushing in the right direction!