Rebuilding The Party

Republicans in the last two elections ('06 and '08) have taken a beating.  Despite some minor victories, which the press aren't talking about, Republicans received a well deserved spanking.  Democrats did an excellent job getting people to vote against Bush and other national level Republicans.  They'll claim that the votes were for their policies but let's face it, they weren't.  People voted against Republicans in greater numbers then they voted against Democrats, partly because the press and the Democratic party did a good job at putting as little real information out about their views as possible so they became the Rorschach candidates.

Polls show we have been and still are a majority conservative country with only 12% of Americans identifying themselves as liberal.  And what's even more telling are the polls showing as many as 76% of Republicans were not satisfied with their parties choice of a candidate.  Independents were unsatisfied to the tune of 55%.  So the majority of Americans did not like their choices.

Clearly we didn't wake up on election day and say we want to reject conservative views, reject our constitution, reject the idea of independence within our own lives and reject the idea of small government and in it's place determine we want to be a tool of the UN, socialistic nation and rejecting our constitution for rules instead created on the whim of politicians.

So after what has been described on WTKK radio as a dealignment of American politics, what's next for the Republican party?

Already there are sites asking that exact question and I'm liking what I'm seeing.

On they have begun compiling suggests for people to vote on.  Currently leading is "Reach out to Ron Paul and the Campaign for Freedom" followed by "Make room for Libertarians" and "Fiscal Conservatism, Limited Govt, Constitutional Rights".  Many of the choices after are just variations of the first three.  "End the War on Drugs", "Stop reaching across the isle to pass Big Spending Bills".

Clearly the true American conservatives are not happy with the big Government NEOCONs who have taken over the Republican party.  They want to get back to the views Republicans claim to be the party of... small government and pro constitutional rights.

The next question is how do we acheive this?  Clearly sitting around on Internet forums all day isn't going to change the party.  Those in power want to stay in power and most do not want to identify themselves as the problem.

I suggest the following steps to everyone wishing to get the Republican party and our country back on track...

1) Get involved in your local Republican club.  Let them know what you think and continue to remind them that we need to get back to small government roots on ALL levels.

2) Start watching how your elected officials vote.  If they aren't supporting small government, pro freedom and liberty and following the Constitution then call them to task.  Seek good choices to run against them in the primary and make sure they understand that even the bad local candidates in towns that overwhelmingly vote Republican can turn off enough voters to cost the party national seats.  There are groups like the NH Liberty Alliance or the National Taxpayers Union that help track local and federal level candidates' votes on various key issues to make it easier for those wishing to know to follow how their candidates vote.

3) If you can, run... especially if you are under 40.  Republicans need a new face.  Young energetic pro freedom, small government candidates will bring about energetic supporters to help with the campaigns.  Just look at Obama for examples of that.  Now that said, if you have a good strong pro freedom message that people can agree with, age is unimportant.  Just look at Ron Paul.

4) Educate the public.  When you find an example of a bill that impacts all our lives for better or worse, bring to light how elected official voted.  Make sure the are away of the details when rights are stripped away or when attempts to restore rights are being pushed for.

5) Don't leave allegations unchallenged.  One big disadvantage the Republican party had this past election cycle was they didn't fire back facts when fingers were pointed at them.  The "Bush recession" being a perfect example.  Can anyone actually name specific bills or acts signed by Bush that caused the recession and problems we now face?  I can point to bills signed by Clinton and even Carter that helped create today's problemsI can point to a NY Times article from 1999 stating the problem is coming with details of why they predicted itI can even point back to an attempt by Bush in 2003 to prevent the problems with the banking industry that he couldn't get passed.  I cannot however find anything pointing to him as the cause beyond the fact he was ineffective in fixing the problem before it grew.  Liberals don't want facts.  They don't want details.  They just want to toss out blame and hope the Republican party continues to be too lazy to refute the claims with facts.

6) Don't give up!  I've heard elected Republicans discussing wanting to leave the party because the NECONs within the Republican party have strayed too far from what they thought were the true Republican beliefs.  Leaving the party allows the problem to grow and what alternatives do we really have?  The Democratic Party with their socialistic anti Constitutional views?

If we begin now the party can be turned around in time for the next election cycle, at which time I'm convinced the American public will have seen enough of the true face of the Democratic Party that they will be rejecting it.  Let's work on getting them to vote FOR us and not just hope to be the rebound when they once again vote against the other guy.