Government Run Trash = Failure

The Telegraph ran a story about the "swap shop" having to be shut down in Nashua due to unruly people.  Basically crowds grew so large and out of control that police had to come in continually to keep the peace.

When I first read the article my first thought is that clearly we (society) is the problem.  When given a chance to trade things we no longer want or need, we turn into animals.  However after further though, clearly society isn't what's failing here.  Several other channels of free trading have been very successful... free-cycle, Craigs list, etc.  Even free market trash, I've personally left things at the end of my driveway with a big "FREE" sign and have never had any problems with riots or fights.

In the talk back to the article there was a very poignant comment I'd like to wrap up with...

Kevin Dean:

Yet more proof that government fails. Why do people continue to trust those people and that system with important things? They can't handle crowd control at a LANDFILL, yet you insist on trusting them with things like "educating children" and "crime prevention" and - as so many are calling for - health care?