Is This Change?

The day after the election I watched as WMUR interviewed two attractive young women at Air Port Diner in Manchester asking them who they voted for and why.  Both responded joyfully that they supported Obama and after a brief deer in the headlights moment when asked why, they repeated the mantra "Change".

My wife, another life long democrat likewise supported "Change" and during many debates she and I had during the primary season, pointed out that she wouldn't support Hillary because of the corruption during that time period and instead went the route of Obama because he would bring about "Change".

After months and months of drums beating change I must admit I believed we'd see "Change".  Not in a way I would like, but change never the less.  I expected Obama to bring in his friends such as Bill Ayres, Tony RezkoBernadine Dohrn and Saul Alinsky.  Instead we see Obama bringing back all the old Clinton team.  Heck, if we wanted that why didn't Democrats just go and Nominate Hillary?

Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State?  Former Clinton state worker Greg Craig as White House Counsel?  Janet Rino's anti gun point man, Eric 'ban all guns' Holder as Attorney General?

Where's the change we were told would be coming?  So far I'm seeing more of the same.  Are the Democrats and moderates who voted for "Change" happy with what they are seeing so far?