On the eve of election day it's anyone's guess what will happen but I'm willing to take a stab at predicting the outcome.

On top level I'm guessing Obama will come out as president.  It's going to be a lot closer then the polls show but I'm guessing Obama will come out the victor.  One thing to watch will be the outcome of the states using the electronic voting machines.  I would like to hope I'm wrong on this one but I'm preparing for the worst.

John Lynch will win an undeserved 3rd term by a large margin only because voters know very little about Joe Kenney and not because people support double digit spending increases and policies such as allowing children to walk into abortion mills without their parents ever knowing about it.

Bradley is going to soundly beat Shea Porter, the only chance Carol has is if conservatives stay home again as they did in '06.

Sununu I expect will win but this race will be the closest of all the NH races.  I wouldn't be shocked to see this race come down to less then 1% of the vote total as the deciding factor.  Again, if Shaheen wins it will be mostly due to conservatives staying home.

Over all I wouldn't be shocked to see Democrats win larger majorities in the house and senate, not because they have great records or even because people are supporting them.  Democrats will win only because they've succeeded in making this election an election for or against Bush.  People will be voting against Bush and Democrats will use it just as they did in 2006 as justification for their policies and higher levels of spending.