Obama Won, What Now?

We heard a lot of talk from both sides about what would happen if their side won or lost.  Like it or not Obama came out the winner.  Admittedly I am worried about what an Obama presidency will mean for this country and I am greatly concerned we will see even further decaying of our Constitutional rights but we have four years to discuss all of that and assuming the greatest fear some conservatives have, that his truth squads will shut down any informatative outlet such as this website that Obama dislikes, doesn't come true then we can get into each Constitutional violation as they happen.

For now let's talk about money.  We heard for months now that Obama will only tax "the rich" and that the vast majority of us here will actually get far greater tax cuts under Obama then we would have seen under McCain.  We've also heard about all the new programs that Obama is planning to utilize all the money he'll be collecting from "the rich".  Conservatives such as myself however have pointed out that when you tax "the rich", they are the ones best equiped to shelter their earnings which is why time and time again when you put more taxes on "the rich" you see less money over all come in to the treasury.

Just one day in from the election we are already seeing signs of "the rich" looking for ways out of the higher taxes Obama has planned for them.  This can be seen in THIS article about major league baseball players looking for more money in up front signing bonuses to avoid the pending tax increases in their futures.  I expect to see more of this including small business owners sheltering their incomes by taking them overseas or shifting incomes around in ways to make them less taxable.

And just what expectations do Obama supporters have for this money?  Listen to the Obama supporter from NBC's news footage found here.  I quote "I wont have to work on putting gas in my car.  I wont have to work on paying my mortgage."  If she isn't working to pay for her gas and mortgage, then who is?  You and I that's who.

And what will happen when the "give me stuff" voters such as the one in that video start making more and more expectations and the money from "the rich" stops coming in?  You'll get what one news reporter yesterday already suggested, the tax cuts be posponed.  The Bush tax cuts will expire.  Before you know it as predicted by the Republicans, anyone who's household earnings are over $50,000 will find themselves paying more.

What can we do about it?  Keep bringing it to light as it happens and make sure working Americans who voted for Obama beliving the hype from his campaign are awaken to the truth.