Republicans Got us into This Mess

That was the chant that won the elections for the Democrats.  Clearly the general public believes it.

The morning after the election I was watching news footage on WMUR in which a reporter was getting the reaction from the public.  They approached two attractive young ladies eating at the Airport Dinner in Manchester who proudly admitted they supported Obama and voted straight ticket Democrat.  Both were thrilled with the outcome of the election.  The reporter doing do diligences asked what it was about Obama they supported.  Predictably they responded with "Change".  Now typically reporters drop the ball here and go no further but this one asked the follow up question "Change from what?".  At this point I felt bad for the two young women as their faces resembled the look of the deer in the headlights, their eyes wide with fear not knowing what to say next.  After a short awkward pause the one woman responded back, "from the last 8 years under Bush."  The reporter went no further with these ladies and instead passed on to other folks who gave equally uninformed answers.

It was obvious after that that the Democrats succeeded in linking Bush's name both to every perceived problem, both real and imaginary, and to every other Republican on every ticket from dog catcher to whatever.  Now being a thinking person I acknowledge that Bush screwed things up. There were mistakes made, such as Iraq, but Democrats are just as much to blame as they too voted in support of the war so it's not exactly a fair statement to hang that albatross around Bush's neck without tying at least some of the rope to those Democrats who supported it as well.  But people didn't look at both sides.  It was ONLY republicans who were blamed.  But Iraq couldn't have been the only issue. 

Democrats claim republicans are to blame for the recession which they also claimed back in 2000 despite the sage then starting before Bush even took office, yet I haven't seen any evidence supporting this.  I haven't seen mention of bills they passed or measures taken that lead to this.  I have however seen attempts to prevent it going back as far as 1999.  Predictions even then pointed to acts taken under the Clinton administration and signed into law by Bill Clinton that they would lead to a crashing housing market.  I quoted one such article from the NY Times HERE.

I'm guessing we will continue to hear that Bush is to blame for all that goes wrong for the next 4 years at least but most will not question how or why.  If you like myself are a thinking person, ask exactly what Bush did to cause the problem.  Ask those claiming Bush is to blame to site the bills and actions taken by Bush and company that lead to the problems.  Ask for details.  My guess is the details will be very short and few.

Personally I have no problems with those who wish to correctly blame someone for a vote they disagree with as long as they correctly blame EVERYONE who voted that way.  Democrats want that blame to be only one sided and only for the issues they claim and of course without any evidence supporting the claim that the other side is responsible and they aren't.  I hope you are all smarter then that even if the majority of Americans were fooled this once.