Have you applied here before?

Have you ever applied for a job here before?  Simple question asked on nearly every application now days.  Such an innocuous question is now the root of a lawsuit stemming between PC Connection and Brianna/Brian Cook.

In 1999 Brian Cook applied for a job at PC Connection and didn't get it.

Seven years pass and Brian becomes Brianna by genital altering surgery.

In 2006 Brianna Cook applies for a job at PC Connection and gets much further along in the process.  The sales recruiter stated that Brianna "just blew everyone away".  At this point PC Connection's called stating they wanted to contact references and to perform a background check, which they did. Soon after PC Connections informed Brianna that she/he would not be hired because she/he did not disclose that they had previously applied as Brian Cook.

Seems cut and dry, she/he lied to PC Connection and they choose not to hire her/him.

Insert victim card here!

Now Brianna is suing claiming that it is because she/he was born a man.  Sorry but based on the evidence I see, that ain't it... it's that Brianna lied.  She/he was asked if they applied before and apparently they had claimed they didn't.  Sorry but lopping off your genitals and changing your name does not make you a different person.

It's no different then someone blowing a drug test of failing to disclose that the had prior convictions of a crime.  Or if you claim you have all sorts of experience but in reality don't.  It's called lying and is a deal breaker when applying for a job.

But that doesn't matter when a victim card can be played.  And with unemployment rising and people having a harder and harder time finding work expect to see more of this.  Professional victims will look to blackmail companies into hiring them in any way they can.