Storm Stories

My home is over 240 years old so the people who built it didn't have running water or electricity so I know I shouldn't complain as past owners have had to live how I am now but I'm now on my 4th day living without either and I don't like it!  I want my electric razor and internet in my own house.

I've spoken with numerous other NH citizens in the hotel I've been staying in or at local eateries I've had to eat at you hear the same stories and concerns.  Money is already tight for many of us and yet we're stuck paying out for a hotel or stay in shelters set up through the state and eating out night after night.  The few places that have generators for sale have produced violence and riot like conditions and people are paying higher prices then they would have had they had the chance to shop around.  I even saw people in pick up trucks driving around selling generators out of the back, I can only imagine what kind of mark up they were selling at and for that matter whether they were even legally purchased in the first place.  Everyone is concerned that their pipes will freeze or how much of their food will be going bad.  I've heard countless stories about those concerned with elderly neighbors or family who are sticking it out in their homes.

Merrimack police have even set up a free service where elderly who refuse to leave can have the police check up on them in the morning to make sure they are ok and haven't either frozen or have carbon monoxide problems.

A waitress I heard from said Friday night was great because business was booming and she made tons in tips.  Everyone was pleasant and making the best of a bad situation.  Saturday people were tired, cold and not as cheerful.  By Sunday people were starting to get miserable (and stinky).  They'd show up and order a sandwich or a bowl of soup just to get a warm meal then sit at her table for the next hour or two because it was a warm location.  I can only imagine what she'll have to deal with tonight as many of us are still without power.

The building I work in just had its power restored late last night.  Through the weekend key members of IT (myself included) were all huddled around one of the few PCs running off the buildings backup generators trying to handle support issues as they came up.  Meanwhile the building around us was pitch dark and we were all using hand crank flashlights to see where we were going in the dark.

At last check my answering machine is still not answering so I may not have a follow up article any time in the near future. For those who can actually read this please take the time to check on neighbors and friends.