5TH Day in the Dark

The biggest problem I have is not knowing.  I've been without power since 1 AM on Friday.  I know this because the timer on my Christmas tree stopped at 1 AM.  When I headed out of the house on Friday I found the end of my road completely blocked by a fallen tree.  The other direction was at least passable although unsafe as I had to drive under a tree that had fallen on the power lines and dangled above the road.  Since then I've been looking for information any place I can regarding when my power would come back on and when I'd be able to get back to a normal life.

Friday around 3 PM the tree that blocked the road was at least cleared back although part of it was still left sitting against the wires.  The tree on the far side of the road that dangled over the road had been cleared in full.  It wasn't until Sunday morning that the tree on the wires at the start of my road was cleared off the wires themselves and as of 1 PM today the wires were still showing signs of damage.

I've been logging on my town website, the state website, various news web sites and PSNH's website but I'm unable to find out anything about a rough guess of when they'll address the wires on my road.

Others I have spoken with had said that in some cases even where lines have been restored they are unable to turn things back on because of blown transformers.  Another rumor I heard was that the state ran out of transformers and we're waiting for more to be shipped up here.

There has been very little in the way of communication.  Information is scattered at best and rumors are a plenty.

Ideally each town should have a central loction people can check with to get updates.  I'm still unsure at this point if the power company even knows about the wires on my road and when I call all I get is an automated message.

People who have commented on forums or feedback of articles are getting grumpy and upset; I'm guessing its the lack of knowing when we'll be able to get back to our normal lives that is making people so.

I guess all we can do is wait and once this is over show up at town meetings asking for better plans.