Still in the Dark and Not Knowing How Long

Tempers are starting to flair, people are angry and not knowing when your power will come back is the worst.

We're now entering our 6th day without power for many of us living in NH and New England.  PSNH continues to play their automated message on the phone system claiming they are "overwhelmed".  Not any helpful message about where we can find out more information or any of that, just that they are overwhelmed.

Many people don't even know if their road outage is even on the list of what's known. 

The town of Merrimack unofficial put out a list of known outages in town on the forum (a privately run forum un-associated officially with the town), to which several people have found out there house or road isn't even listed.

Rumors continue to fly and everyone is already looking for someone to blame for why they are still in the dark.

One group of "refugees" I talked with were concerned that they had seen trucks with trailer prowling areas without power.  This lead to concerns about looters and I fear may have lead people to spend the night in dangerously cold conditions instead of staying in warm shelters for fear that their stuff would be stolen.  I've personally seen similar trucks however these were people who drove up from states not effected with truck loads of generators who were attempting to sell them for profit.

At least now PSNH has announced that several towns will have power restored to 95% either today or tomorrow.  Of course this has lead many people to wonder if they'll fall into the 5% that wont be restored.  It's the not knowing that's the worst.

The fun is going to start once we've all recovered and questions start being asked how things could have been done better.  I've already got a list and communication is right up at number 1.