Power is Back!

After nearly a week without it, power was restored to my house late last night.  As one of my coworkers put it after hers was restored, it felt like winning the lottery.

Sadly though there are still many without power.  I drove past the hotel I had been staying at and still see many cars with NH plates lining the parking lot.  Among those still without power there continues to be growing fear every time they hear reports saying 95% of those in town X will have power because everyone feels they will be the one in the 5%.  One person I've heard from in Merrimack after days without power finally found an online list of all reported outages in town only to find out that their problem wasn't even on the list of known issues.

For the rest of us though we begin the long hard task of getting back to normal lives.  Coming home to a cold house in some case find pet fish no longer with us.  Having to clean out spoiled food.  Getting water running again after lines have been drained, or God forbid having to fix broken pipes because of freezing.  Many of us are coughing and feeling ill and run down from poor nights sleep and hours in the cold as we packed over night bags in darken homes or search for places to eat where the lines weren't too long.  Not to mention having to prepare for the Holidays in the middle of all this.

As I cleared my driveway last night (using my electric shovel, JOY!) I could still hear generators going at the homes who may not know they have power yet.  Another coworker of mind said last night he was told his power was back on but had already checked into a hotel by that point so he wont be able to see how his home faired until after he leaves work today.

And as I predicted in my last article, the fun is starting as questions begin to be raised.  Politicians doing what they do best look for others to blame and look for ways to paint themselves in the best possible light.

John Lynch has pointed the finger at PSNH for lack of communication but has otherwise kept his head down avoiding any discussion of what the state should have done (where are the Democrats who blamed Bush and the Government for lack of response after Katrina hit?).  I've seen town councilors and Selectmen starting to get snippy in their responses as citizens question the lack of information and failures on all levels for having established plans.  Dave Yakuboff of Merrimack even took the time to write a scalding lecture to people who took time to log into the Merrimack Forum over the past week in hopes of getting information that they should be volunteering instead of complaining.  Not something someone wants to hear when they are sitting in Penara Bread with a lap top looking for hope of when their power might come on and having trouble getting any answers from anyone.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Politicians like John Lynch and Dave Yakuboff are going to look for ways to deflect, pass blame and refuse to listen to anything that could improve situations should we ever run into this again.  There will be hearings and meetings but I predict these will be more looking to pass the blame then looking at ways to improve.

And then of course the tax and spend crowd will use this as excuses to argue for more money.  They'll argue that budget cuts are the reasons for defective communication and lack of proper planning.  They'll ignore little details like money we did actually spend for preparations that were either never used or failed miserably (more on this in an upcoming article about the $90,000 Merrimack Generator that was never used).  Watch and see.