The Republican Dilemma

I've been reading a number of forums and sites discussing Sununu Sr seeking to take the helm of the Republican party and likewise a number of sites discussing what Republicans can do or are doing wrong.  I even wrote an article with ideas for Republicans to rebuild.  However they all (including my own article) miss the real dilemma the Republican Party faces and it's one I'm not sure they can resolve.

The real problem starts not with Republicans or the Republican party but the current philosophy of the country we now live in.  Democrats have created a society of "give me" mentality.  People look to the government for programs and handouts.  We all continue to expect more and more from the government.

Democrats have come together because regardless which candidate wins, he or she will give everyone more stuff.  The only difference is what stuff they offer to give everyone.  So once the primary is over, it's not a big deal for all Democrats to rally support behind the winner because nothing is taken away and they'll still get stuff even if it isn't the stuff they wanted originally.

Republicans on the other hand have taken the side of cutting back government.  The problem is everyone on that side has different ideas of what to cut.  While a lot of people support the idea of small government and lower taxes they don't want their stuff cut.  This leads to people supporting the people who wont cut their stuff which in turn usually leads to the person willing to cut the least (or even anything at all) being the person the majority can support even though they claim to want otherwise.

This is how government continues to grow.  Democrats want the growth and Republicans can't agree on what to cut so they pick people who allow the growth and even support parts of it here and there.

In increasing numbers, Americans believe that it is the responsibility – nay, the duty – of the federal government to take the earnings of some Americans and redistribute them to other Americans for various and sundry "good" reasons including "fairness." Citizens who know it is wrong to use force to take money from a neighbor have rationalized that it is OK for the government to do it for them. – Linda Bowles, nationally syndicated columnist

Eventually the Democrats will take too much from society and the pendulum will swing back the other way as it always does but it wont be Republicans winning as much as Democrats losing (just as it was Republicans losing in the past two elections and not people suddenly supporting Democrats taxing and spending).

I don't want republicans to win by default the way Democrats do, I want Republicans to actually win because they are what they claim to be... the party of small government and lower taxes and that people actually see that and want it.

Until the party as a whole understands that and starts putting up people who likewise understand that and begin pushing for the tough budget cuts we will continue to watch the pendulum swing back and forth and crummy candidates from both parties win by default.