State of NH to Act as Parent

I guess we should have seen this one coming, after Lynch and fellow Democrats stripped parents of the right to know when their children are putting themselves at risk by being able to walk into any abortion clinic in the state and legally get an abortion without any parental knowledge of the incident a new problem arose in NH.  Kids began walking into abortion clinics and took the state up on the offer of no questions asked abortions.  Now as a "solution" to this problem of children who aren't mentally equipped to make these kinds of life altering choices on their own Democrats have put up a new bill in which the state will step in and act as the parent.

What makes this insult even worse in my opinion is how Democrats pulled parental rights away from us to begin with.  When I first read about them wanting to revoke the parental notification I wrote an email to John Lynch asking him not to strip away my rights to have final say over my own children when they are entering into a possible life threatening surgery.  He wrote me back a very nice letter that I now see as nothing but a lie.  His explanation was that he was not trying to strip parents of their rights but instead seeking a solution for medical emergencies which require abortions to save the child's life.  Funny thing, why didn't the democrats amend the existing law if that were the case?  And why now instead of putting up a new version of the law are they instead seeking to further impose the state on parents and continue to diminish our rights over our own children?