The Truth Comes Out You Should Pay More in Taxes

From the Concord Monitor article found HERE State Rep Derek Owen, a democrat from Hopkinton confessed a little too honestly in the following statement:

State Rep. Derek Owen, also a Hopkinton Democrat, would like to see an income tax and hopes the warrant article frees legislators to consider one. "We've got to stop putting the cost of the state, including education, on the backs of the poor and middle class," Owen said. "We've got to get the well-to-do to contribute more than their share."

Wealth redistribution or in other words socialism!

Folks, if you and or your spouse work and own your own home chances are YOU are the "well to do" that he's talking about.  According the the NH Office of Energy and Planning, for 2000 the average household NH income was $57,575.  Those of you with a household income more then that are well to do, clearly you need to pay MORE in taxes.