Truth about Sununu's Stimulus Vote

You can see in the press releases on this very site as well as scattered on other news sources that Democrats are taking every opportunity to try to trash John Sununu's vote against the economic stimulus plan (along with most other Republicans) as they pushed it forward scattered with add ons (it has since passed in an amended version). They are taking every chance to try to paint Republicans as evil ignoring that it was the last minute push for more spending by Democrats which is really causing the resistance in the first place.

I put forth to you his own explanation by John Sunun of why he originally voted no.

"Congress needs to act quickly on an economic growth package if we want to make a difference this year for individuals, families, and small businesses across New Hampshire. Achieving that goal demands a bipartisan approach.

"Covering veterans and seniors makes sense and I support doing so, but the Senate Finance Committee last week added more than a dozen provisions to its bill – including special benefits for oil, gas, and coal companies. Allowing every Senator to add to the package makes it more expensive, contentious, and is a recipe for failure.

"Everyone knows that I have been steadfast in my support for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. That’s why I’m offended that LIHEAP funds were slipped into the bill at the last minute without a vote simply to buy more support. Backroom dealing on a bill of such importance to America is disgraceful - exactly the kind of underhanded behavior and political games that we need to get out of Washington. Had it not been for this wheeling and dealing, we would have already passed an economic growth package.

"Now, let’s get serious, get back to work, and get a package passed."

 The bill that Sununu helped block had $44 BILLION in extra spending in it which according to CNN was meant to help "the elderly, disabled veterans, the unemployed and big business".    Ah so it was going to put more money into the pockets of BIG BUSINESS... isn't that what Democrats always rail against?  Don't we hear time and time again how Bush is doing nothing but padding the pockets of big business and fat cats?  Interesting.

The there is the AP coverage which also paint republicans as the bad guys.   It isn't until the 7th paragraph where they actually explain "Republicans said they were ready to accept rebates for seniors and disabled veterans and accused Democrats of delaying the stimulus plan for political gain and loading it down with special-interest extras."

Smoke and mirrors and a low blow by Democrats in an attempt to play politics and make the Republican party look bad at the expense of this country.  How sad can you get!