Who's voting in Litchfield?

Horace Seymour III is arrested for embezzling thousands of dollars of town money and yet voters in Litchfield voted to keep him as their treasurer.  WHY????

Ok, I'm sure some people may not watch news and weren't aware of the troubles against him but 526 people or roughly 25% of those who voted that unaware of the news?  Since he was running unopposed did people feel they had to vote in the election?

The fact that nearly 25% of those showing up to vote are either unaware they are voting to put someone in charge of the towns money who is currently under being charged with stealing it or they simply don't care scares the living daylights out of me and certainly lowers my faith that voters.  Really folks, if you don't know who it is you are voting for, don't vote for them! Take the time to read up and learn who you are voting for.  And don't just assume because you don't like one person that by voting against them you can't end up with something much worse.

Makes me wonder were we'd be as a country if only informed voters were allowed to cast votes.

Rant over.