Mayor Guinta vs Rep David Scannell

The Union Leader reported today that Major Frank Guinta has threatened the job of state rep David Scannell.  From the story found here....


Mayor Frank Guinta has asked state Rep. David Scannell to resign as spokesman for the Manchester school district after Scannell voted Tuesday to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana.


"He's the face of the district," Guinta said yesterday. "He interacts with kids on a daily basis, and he is taking a position to decriminalize marijuana. That is counter to logic, in my view."

Someone needs to explain the Mayor Guinta what this bill actually does.  The bill doesn't make drugs legal, it simply stops the government from wasting money on criminal procedures over a joint or two.  .25 ounces to be exact.


I can't see how voting to support a bill that would free up judges, police officers and save perhaps thousands in tax dollars by changing a penalty from a criminal procedure to a simple fine is taking a counter position to logic when it also comes to speaking to children about responsible behavior.  Do teachers or school officials who enjoy a glass of wine with dinner or an occasional beer after work counter logic by also speak to children about waiting until they are legal age to drink and even then to drink responsibility?

Frank Guinta has been a good mayor so far and I would hope after thinking about this whole situation he backs down, marking this one down as a stupid comment on his part.  We'll have to wait and see.