The Democrat Battle

As a Republican who sees both Obama and Hillary as bad choices I could not be happier with the way this election is turning out...  Well that's not 100% true, I would be happier if it were my first choice in candidates (Ron Paul) on the republican ticket but still.  Republicans fell behind a candidate fairly quickly (even though it wasn't my first choice) and Democrats continue to bloody themselves dueling it out between a woman with more skeletons in her closet then Freddy Kruger and a guy with zero qualifications to be president beyond being able to give a good speech.

Democrats now stand at a damned if they do, damned if they don't moment in that their super delegates will ultimately be the ones choosing who is the name on their ticket.  So the question becomes do they pick the person who fairly won the most delegates through the election process (Obama) or do they pick the person who won the majority over all votes (Hillary)?  My guess is they will go with Hillary and use the fact that she's won more over all votes then Obama, despite his leading in pledged delegates.  They'll argue that the system is unfair in that small elections in states like Iowa count more per voter then larger states like California where Hillary did much better.  The result either way will leave a large number of Democrats with a bad taste in their mouth (something Democrat leaders seem to do well, just ask Monica).