Clearly Failing to Understand Homeschooling

Allow me to preface by saying I do not home school my own children nor would I given the opportunity.  That said I do understand home schooling and the concepts of why many parents see it as the best option for their children.

Several NH state legislators do not understand it.  They have proven this by their support of bill SB337, a bill that would require home schooling parents to submit a plan outlining a curriculum before they start to educate their child.

The best example showing why they fail to understand is a Calvin and Hobbs cartoon explaining why Calvin doesn't enjoy school.

Calvin's dad: Calvin, your Mom and I looked over your report card, and we think you could be doing better.

Calvin: But I don't like school.

Calvin's dad: Why not? You like to read and you like to learn. I know you do. I mean, you've read every dinosaur book ever written, and you've learned a lot, right? Reading and learning are fun.

Calvin: Yeah...

Calvin's dad: So why don't you like school?

Calvin: We don't read about dinosaurs.

The key is teaching the kids what they want to learn.   Home school parents understand that.  Other parents who prefer to teach in addition to public or private school like myself also understand that.  Kids are natural learners, if you present material at their pace centered around what they want to learn about they gobble it up.

I had a conversation once about experimental education in which all classes were eliminated, teachers were replaced with career councilors and kids weren't even required to sit in classrooms.  Each child picked their career and had to work toward what they needed to achieve that career.  Along the way the councilors presented the children challenges related to their careers which they then did the research on their on on how to solve.  Weekly "career" update meetings assured that the children made progress and intelligent questioning by their councilors likewise assured they would read up on all sorts of different subjects regardless of the career path they choose.

Other home school parents have repeatedly confessed that the best examples of learning they have with their kids are spontaneous examples driven by things going on at that point in time.  HERE you can read a perfect example of such.  A cold spell helped create a situation that allowed for experimenting with static electricity.  Things like that cannot be planned and yet they are the perfect education examples that kids will remember for the rest of their lives.

Hopefully enough of our state legislators will understand the benefit many home school parents see in spontaneous and free range learning and vote this bill down.